MUD 152 is excited to announce that construction will begin on replacing Ground Storage Tank 1 (GST1) at Kline/Walker Water Plant #1 next to Timber’s Elementary on Lonesome Woods Trail in Atascocita South. This project is part of the ongoing infrastructure improvements announced in July 2022 with the selling of Series 2022 bonds. Construction is expected to be completed by May 2024.

The original Water Plant (now known as Kline/Walker Water Plant #1) and GST1 was built and put into service between 1979-1980. GST1 has been recoated and rehabilitated three times over it’s now (almost) 45-year lifespan. With proper maintenance, we expect that bolted galvanized tanks last around 40-50 years. Through the decades, consecutive MUD 152 boards have chosen to invest in regular and optional preventative maintenance to extend the life of GST1. As a result, the District benefited from the tank’s entire useful life.

The new GST1 will be a concrete tank with an expected life of 50 years. When considering overall costs, including projected maintenance costs through its life cycle, the concrete structure was a better value for taxpayers.

We expect this new tank to serve the residents and businesses in our District for many years to come!


We anticipate construction will begin the week of October 16, 2023. This is the start of a traditionally low water consumption period, so taking one tank out of service should not impact customers.
Our current projection is to have construction complete and the water tank operating by the end of May 2024.
MUD 152 has worked closely with our engineers and operator to ensure the district’s water needs will be met. We have sufficient capacity to continue operating with our system’s redundant capacity at Water Plant #2 on Will Clayton across from Atascocita High School. In addition, MUD 152 has agreements in place with a neighboring MUD to provide water in an emergency situation. The community can assist by continuing to be mindful of their water usage.

The construction team has a daily working time frame of 7am to 6pm.
No, drop off and pickup should not be disrupted. If the Contractor has any large equipment or deliveries, our project manager will make sure they coordinate those outside of the drop off and pickup hours.
GST2 was built in 2001 and has been re-coated once thus far. The District will continue to maintain GST2 with the same level of attention, while enjoying the benefits of the less overall maintenance required for the new concrete GST1.
The District continues to install the new automated Smart meters. Smart meters provide more accurate readings over the lifetime of the meter and provide customers with access to real time water usage data and leak detection alerts via your personal computer or mobile device. This project is ongoing and your new meter should be installed over the next six months. You will be notified when it is installed. More detailed usage information will be forthcoming once all meters are installed.